The Photo Tour of London

Browse our photo gallery and discover London through pictures. Simply choose a category to start and toggle through the photos in the gallery window. Photo Gallery images are not for commercial use. To obtain the high resolution images for print and rights for these images to be used commercially, please contact Tourism London.

  • Arts & Culture Gallery

    Arts & Culture Gallery

    13 Images

    London put down its creative roots early, over the years nurturing a heart and soul that has produced some great Canadian talent in both the visual and performing arts.

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  • Downtown London Gallery

    Downtown London Gallery

    31 Images

    London's downtown core is full of inspirational and exciting things to do for everyone. Click here to view various images of the downtown landscape.

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  • London Landscapes Gallery

    London Landscapes Gallery

    21 Images

    London manages more than 200 parks. They range from major urban city-wide parks such as the 140-hectare Springbank Park to more intimate neighbourhood green spaces.

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  • Western Gallery

    Western Gallery

    25 Images

    Western provides the best student experience among Canada's leading research-intensive universities

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  • Miscellaneous Gallery

    Miscellaneous Gallery

    2 Images

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  • Shopping Gallery

    Shopping Gallery

    1 Image

    You can find virtually everything you need in the downtown core or in our retail stores and malls in the suburbs...

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  • Meetings & Conventions Gallery

    Meetings & Conventions Gallery

    5 Images

    London is the ideal conference destination, with facilities ranging from beautifully historic to functionally modern...

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  • Entertainment Gallery

    Entertainment Gallery

    23 Images

    Cosmopolitan and truly diverse, London offers a unique mix of events. From theatrical productions to fantastic festivals, there’s something for everyone all year round...

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  • London Attractions Gallery

    London Attractions Gallery

    52 Images

    There is much in London to entice visitors as you'll discover in the following attractions...

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  • Sports Events

    Sports Events

    24 Images

    London is the Place to Play!!! Take a look!!!

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  • Sports Facilities

    Sports Facilities

    11 Images

    London Ontario has many sports facilities to offer for groups of all sizes and sports.

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