Selena Gomez Revival Tour

Posted: May 23, 2016
Author: #BGReviewer Alycia Armstrong - @AlyciaMorgan on Twitter

A big Thank You to Budweiser Gardens for giving me the opportunity to not only see an amazingly talented artist, but also to be able to share the experience with everyone. If there’s one thing I love as much as live music, it’s probably sharing my opinion! Selena Gomez rolled into Budweiser Gardens on May 23rd as part of her North American tour for her newest album Revival – all written and co-written by Gomez, the album symbolizes a rebirth for the artist. Along with her were opening acts Bea Miller and DNCE featuring frontman Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers.

Up-and-comer Bea Miller kicked off the show with a few of her biggest hits. Her young and modern style of pop had the audience gripped with songs Young Blood and A Song Like You. She slowed it down to perform her newest track Yes Girl, a song she wrote to express her struggle with sticking up for herself. Her biggest hit Fire and Gold completed the set with its empowering, anthem-like lyrics to get the crowd pumped up for DNCE.

DNCE, fronted by fellow former Disney star Joe Jonas, was charged with getting the crowd ready for the main event. A synthesis of pop and funk, they had the crowd captivated by their onstage antics and catchy tunes. With only 4 songs on their first EP, DNCE borrowed some tunes – covers of TLC’s No Scrubs followed by Drake’s Hold On, We’re Going Home were entertaining and seemed to win the crowd over. Never a dull moment, they had something to offer for everyone. Their newest single Toothbrush was followed up by an ever-popular rendition of Prince’s Kiss accompanied by purple stage lights to set the mood. Closing off the set was their biggest hit Cake by the Ocean, which had everyone up and singing along to the ridiculously catchy lyrics as Joe Jonas ran through the crowd.

The Revival Interlude played as the audience erupted in anticipation for Selena. Bright lights and smoke filled the stage as she emerged and kicked it off with Same Old Love, a song guaranteed to get the crowd warmed up, on their feet and dancing.

Her performances of Good For You and Hands to Myself, both huge crowd-pleasers, had the audience seduced with their racy lyrics that you just had to sing along to. Selena threw it back to some of her classics – introducing Who Says by sharing with the crowd that she wrote it at 16 but still feel it applies to her, and everyone, at any age. Other throwbacks included Come And Get It, Slow Down, Love You Like A Love Song and The Heart Wants What It Wants – all of which had the audience rocking out. Who doesn’t love a good throwback?!

Gomez introduced a new song, Feel Me, by sharing with the crowd that she wrote it one night when she couldn’t fall asleep – it had a fun, catchy chorus that made you want to sing along. After a quick outfit change, she was wheeled out in a red rose chariot by her dancers as she launched into her performance of Me & My Girls. Following that up with her upbeat, electropop track Me & The Rhythm and the sultry song Body Heat – all showing off some Mexican flair with the stage adorned by Day of the Dead-themed skulls and roses.

Throughout the show, her vocals were effortless and she didn’t miss a note, even while keeping up with her back-up dancers. The whole production wasn’t over-the-top but still had all the spectacle you’d hope for. The stage set-ups were fun and interactive, keeping the audience captivated by Selena and her dancers as they worked the stage. She wore 5 different outfits – each one more sparkly than the one before it as she flipped her voluminous hair around like a prop. Her glittery ensembles were the perfect balance of sexy and class – well suited for an audience of all ages.

She interacted with the audience and seemed to genuinely connect with her fans. The entire performance seemed very personal for her, even telling the crowd that these were her words and her story before performing Sober – a song that seems to reveal some details of her highly-publicized relationship with Justin Bieber.

For her last few songs, she donned a sequined body suit with a rock edge which enhanced her cover of the Eurythmic’s Sweet Dreams before diving into Kill Em With Kindness, an upbeat, pop number. Her last song before her finale, I Want You To Know, an electro-dance collaboration with Zedd had everyone pumped up and swaying in their spots, turning the arena into a giant dance party.

Her final song of the night, Revival, was the perfect choice to close out the concert and really brought it full circle – no longer just a Disney star but an artist coming into her own.