Jason Aldean We Were Here Tour

Posted: May 15, 2016
Author: #BGReviewer: @courtneeyrose18

Jason Aldean came to town last night with Thomas Rhett and A Thousand Horses for the We Were Here Tour. There was not a single down moment during the intermissions as DJ Silver had us entertained with some catchy throwback songs, as well as many of today’s greatest hits! 
A Thousand Horses started the show off, and they set the bar high for other opening act Thomas Rhett. They were sure to play their number one hit in Canada 'Smoke' and I can guarantee, everybody was singing along. 
Next up was Thomas Rhett. The energy in the arena was insane. Thomas had everyone up dancing, singing, and clapping their hands along to all of his hit singles. Thomas even played a cover of Cake By The Ocean on the drums...talk about awesome! Thomas slowed it down with the beautiful song that he had written for his wife, "Die A Happy Man". The crowd was swaying back and forth with their lighters and cellphones in the air. Talk about goose bumps! DJ Silver then came back out for the final time, everyone was gearing up for Jason to hit the stage. 
Between the crazy busy lines for drinks and food, the merch line was HUGE, everywhere I looked I saw Jason Aldean, and Thomas Rhett shirts. People were so involved at this concert, it was amazing to see. Meanwhile, the lights started to dim, DJ Silver left the stage, and people began to get rowdy, Jason Aldean was about to start out the show. 
The crowd cheered as Jason started his show off with "Just Getting Started" and let me tell you, if that was him 'just getting started' I did not want to miss a single second of the rest of his show. Jason assured his fans that he would continue to keep playing music instead of talking, as we came there to hear him perform. Mind you, I could sit there and listen to him talk all day long, but that's beside the point. Jason continued on the night playing hit after hit. There was no slowing this concert down. He electrified the venue with his newest hit "Lights Come On". Everybody was up on their feet dancing, clapping and singing along. Near the middle of the concert Jason decided to slow it down with some of his softer, more heartfelt hits. "Don't You Wanna Stay" had the whole crowd swaying their arms back and forth, it was so powerful to hear everyone screaming out every word to the entire song. The hits kept coming as he played "Hicktown", "She's Country", and "My Kinda Party". The lights went out and everyone began to scream, this couldn't be the end of the concert... could it? The lights flickered back on and Jason Aldean and his band closed the show out with nothing better than one of his older singles "Crazy Town". Jason's band kept the music playing as Jason said his thank yous, and goodbyes. Until next time country fans, until next time.