Cirque du Soleil impresses with TORUK- The First Flight

Posted: May 26, 2016
Author: #BGReviewer: @jordanlcrow

TORUK -- The First Flight, the latest show by Cirque Du Soleil, inspired by James Cameron's “Avatar”, was a captivating experience from the opening drum beat till lights out. Unlike past Cirque shows that focus almost exclusively on acrobatics, TORUK is a very narrative driven performance. You leave Budweiser Gardens as soon as you walk through the black curtains towards the stage, and are taken away on a journey through the planet of Pandora.

The scale of the show is incredible. The enormous set paired with the stunning visual effects that change the landscape from mountains, to rushing waterfalls, and then to forests, as well as the detailed costume design really do take you to another planet. TORUK utilizes props such as giant kites, fireflies, and animal puppets, in a way that makes the performance larger than life.

Despite the impressive physical skill of the performers, the incredible singing of Priscilia Le Foll as The Shaman is what really steals the show. There are times during the performance when you’re not sure exactly what to fixate on, everything is so visually stunning. However, when Le Foll begins to sing, all attention is on her as her voice booms through the venue.

TORUK -- The First Flight App is an official app that allows you to participate with the show from your seat. At first I was skeptical, as I thought it could be a distraction. However, I highly recommend that everyone who plans to attend the show download the app beforehand. The app is very unobtrusive and gives you a simple notification when to pull out your phone to participate. Audience participation could have been better, but the concept was very neat.

This show would make for a very exciting night out with friends, a significant other, or the entire family. It really was something anybody can enjoy. TORUK -- The First Flight was a spectacular story that really showcases the limits of the human body, and the power of special effects.

I’d like to thank Budweiser Gardens for the opportunity to review the show, be sure to follow them on twitter @BudGardens for updates on all future contests and events!