Eldon House

481 Ridout Street North London ON N6A 2P6

Eldon House is 175 years old!  Share in the celebrations all year long!

Virtually unchanged since the last century, Eldon House is London's oldest residence and contains family heirlooms, furnishings and priceless treasures of the Harris family as well as a beautiful 19th-century style garden. Built in 1834 for John and Amelia Harris, this historic home remained in the family until 1960 when it was donated to the City of London. Although surrounded by the city today, the house and its gardens are a place of beauty and tranquility.

Set on a piece of high ground overlooking the forks of the Thames, near the District courthouse, which still stands today, this home has been open to public visitors since the 1960's, when it was gifted to the city as a museum.  Londoners can be proud of this important piece of architecture and its upkeep, making this home one of the premier heritage properties in Ontario.

From September 2009 to August 2010, plans are underway to celebrate this special year.  Visit www.eldonhouse.ca for a complete list of events.